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german shepherd for sale in Ontario

Bringing you the best from Germany!


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Small Kennel, Personal Service
Serving Ontario and the GTA

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Small Kennel, Personal Service

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Vom Issam Haus German Shepherd puppies are big boned, black and red in pigment with very sound temperament and possess super play drive. Our German shepherd puppies will be of correct structure. They are perfect for pet companion, show ring or Shutzhund. Vom Issam Haus stands behind their puppies, our German shepherd puppies are guaranteed for LIFE. We stand behind our German shepherd puppies and our clients.

Vom Issam Haus head office is located north of Orangeville, Ontario. 45 Minutes from the Greater Toronto Area. We participate in conformation shows all over North America and Europe,. Our German Shepherd Dogs are sought after, based on their quality and our breeding philosophy. We are committed to the rules and regulations set out by the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) in Germany.







Vom Issam Haus offers training for all dog breeds in basic and advanced obedience in Ontario. We have superb results and problem solving skills for our clients that are faced with misbehaved dogs. Vom Issam Haus will hold a private evaluation to pin point concerns that a client is having with their dog. We will then endeavour to create a training plan that deals and corrects the dog’s behavior ensuring that such behaviour is corrected once and for all.

Learn the differences of puppies raised by Backyard Breeders compared to Responsible Breeders

Read this consumer alert before you make your final decision when buying a German Shepherd puppy.

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Welcome to Vom Issam Haus. If you are first time German shepherd puppy buyer or visitor to this site, it is our hope that you will find the information available here helpful, in the decision making process of purchasing your German Shepherd puppy pet.

There are numerous German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, and selecting the right addition to your family can be challenging.
American Lines vs. German Lines? The CKC (Canadian Kennel Club vs. the S.V (Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde). Show quality vs. Pet quality. All the jargon that made your head spin. What does it all mean?

Absolutely nothing, if you happen to be the owner of “That Dog.” The dog that is considered to be the neighbourhood terror. Either because the dog is untrained and pulls you down the street. It barks non-stop or for whatever the reason is aggressive towards adults, children or other animals.

Vorzüglich Auslese (VA) Juwika Frisko

V66 BSZS 2017 Ulm Germany

Nederlandse Siegershow 2017 / V2

Moroccan Siegershow V1 21/10/17

IPO3, HD/ ED normal

Nelson Des Bergers De Patmisand

IGP1, HD ED ” Normal” DNA



Eiko vom Holtkämper Tor

V43 BSZS ( 2013) 4,4 ( Bitework)

V54 BSZS ( 2014) 4,4 ( Bitework)

V1 Quebec Regional Show / 2016
















V4- Oostende

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