GSD breederAre you thinking about getting your own purebred German Shepherd dog? Well, we will be the first to tell you that they are among the most beautiful and loyal animals in the world. But, they’re also not for everyone.

GSDs are a unique breed of dog. They may take a little bit more investment from you, the owner. But you can expect to get a lot more out of it too. The bond we see between our happy German Shepherd owners and their dogs is like nothing else.

But the good news is if you’re even reading this article, that’s a good sign. It means you’re taking this seriously and want to make sure you’re ready to make the commitment.

Here are 3 other signs that you’re ready.

You’re a Bit of a Homebody

If you’re going home after work is just a stopover to change clothes for the gym or to head out for dinner and drinks, owning a German Shepherd dog would be a major lifestyle shift for you.

But, if you’re social life is less active, you will probably be excited to get home from work so you can play with and walk your dog. Which is good, because they’ve been waiting to see you all day.

A well-exercised GSD is a well-behaved GSD. They need lots of activity and attention, and you need to be able to provide both.

Don’t get a GSD if you’re not quite ready to stop going out as much. You may resent your dog for keeping you from social events, or they may be a handful for you if they’re under-exercised or under-stimulated.

So take an honest look at the lifestyle you have and the one you want to have when making this decision. If you’re young and a social butterfly now, that doesn’t mean you won’t be ready when things slow down in a few years.