german-shepherd-ballOn your first visit, your German Shepherd breeder needs to simultaneously put your mind at ease, while getting you incredibly excited.

They need to make you feel 100% confident in their ability, methods and credentials. At the same time, they need to give you full confidence that you’re about to get an amazing dog, and get you even more excited to bring your new pup home.

To make sure you get the most out of your first visit, here are 5 questions you should consider asking when meeting your would-be breeder for the first time.

What are Your Qualifications?

Your breeder should be incredibly proud of their qualifications, as it’s a testament to the high standards they hold themselves and their operations too.

For example, we are committed to the rules and regulations set out by the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) in Germany, which established guidelines for top-notch breeding over 100 years ago. We believe they are still the standards to follow to guarantee a healthy and happy German shepherd puppy.

Can I See the Dog’s Medical Information?

You want to pay particular attention to their medical records, dental records and their shots, to make sure everything is up to date. You will also want to ensure they are (or will be) dewormed before you take them home.

You can also ask to see if they will visit the vet again between now and the date you take them home.

Can I Meet the Parents?

You can tell a lot by spending a bit of time with the puppy’s parents. You can see their size and their coat. You can also get a sense of their temperament pretty quickly, as well.

This should give you full confidence in the dog you’re going to take home, by giving you a glimpse into the future, so to speak.

Do You Have any Testimonials/ References?

Like their qualifications, they should be very proud of their satisfied customers and have a long list of them.

If you have any trouble getting this whatsoever, that should be an immediate red flag. German Shepherd owners don’t simply like their dogs, they love them. So they should be more than happy to vouch for their breeder’s quality.

Can I See Where the Puppies are Being Housed?

This is another big one. Seeing where the puppies are housed will give you an idea of the conditions they are staying in and how they are socialized. Both of these are crucial.

They should also receive lots of love and human contact during those crucial early months. You will want to see evidence of this with your own two eyes.

Come See What We Have to Offer

If you’re ready to take home your own purebred German Shepherd puppy, we are the breeder you’ve been looking for.

We’re proud of our facilities and would love to give you a tour. You can reach us by clicking here.