Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs DVD

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3 Hours, 30 Minutes

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1.) The work that is expected of pet owners before they start this program.

2.) Sixteen different forms of aggression are identified and explained.

3.)Four different targets of aggression are discussed

  • Aggression towards Owners
  • Aggression towards Family and Friends
  • Aggression towards Strangers
  • Aggression towards Other Animals

4.) When Does Dominance Start?

  • Understanding temperament in dogs and how it relates to dominance.
  • The role of genetics in dominance

5.) How to live with and handle a dominant puppy

6.) A section on EQUIPMENT needed to safely live with and train a dominant dog. This is an extremely important topic. It’s one thing for a training aid to fail during obedience training. It is 100% a different thing for a training aid to fail during a handler attack or during an episode of dog aggression.

7.) Living with a Dominant Dog

  • The Ground Work to Becoming a Pack Leader
    • The importance of dog crates and how we use them in our home
    • The importance of Exercise as it relates to dominance
    • Dominant Dog Problems and walks
    • How to deal with Animal Aggression on Walks
    • The importance of a Protocol for YOUR WALK – the walk is YOUR WALK not the dog’s WALK
    • Flat Collars vs Prong Collar vs Dominant Dog Collars vs Remote Trainers
    • Becoming a Pack Leader
    • How I establish pack leader status with my new dogs.
    • How non-pack leaders can become pack leaders
    • Obedience training as it relates to Pack behavior
    • This DVD is not a substitute for “Basic Obedience training”
    • ** If you don’t have my Basic Obedience DVD you will need to get it along with this DVD.
    • Feeding A Dominant Dog – how to eliminate food aggression issues

8.) How to breakup a dog fight without getting hurt

  • How to Introduce a New Dog into a home with existing dogs
  • Alpha Rolls- what they are and why they are dangerous
  • Dog Parks – a very bad idea
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