Chanel Vom Nordteich Bite Work

Recently our Dog Chanel Vom Nordteich did Bite Work

Our best producer Chanel Vom Nordteich showing off her protection skills. Very few dogs have this ability to protect their masters from a threat. Chanel is a true German Shepherd Dog with correct structure and impeccable temperament. As you can see from this video, our GSD Chanel Vom Nordteich does not hesitate to engage the threat. Without hesitation, she attacks and once the decoy stops, she guards him until she is taking away.

Very few German shepherd dogs possess this type of drive. At Vom Issam Haus, we breed the total GSD that is capable of protecting their owners, being a house pet, and most importantly a loving companion to you and your children.

Watch these videos of our dog Chanel Vom Nordteich do bite training.