Our Dog Eiko in Competition

The Bunderssieger Zuchtschau (BSZS);
The greatest German Shepherd show in the world!

The Bunderssieger Zuchtschau is held every year in Germany. German shepherds from all over the world come to compete at this event. Typically there were over 40 000 spectators gathered for the competition. It gives us a chance to see the adult dogs doing the bite work, where we see progeny groups of the best stud dogs, we see the upcoming stars in the youth classes and where breeders present their kennel groups for all to see what type of German shepherd they are producing. We have a PDF that shows some photos of past adult Siegers starting in 1899 and a link to their pedigrees. Click here to view the past winners

German shepherd’s taking part in this prestigious show, must qualify to enter the show grounds by proving their protection skills. Just as our dog Eiko Vom Holtkamper did. Tor did in the video below. German Shepherds must score a minimum of 3 both attacks to ensure qualifications into the show.
German shepherds that show fear or weak bite are immediately disqualified.

Eiko Vom Holtkamper Hof was placed V (Excellent) #43 in Bunderssieger Zuchtschau in 2013. He was amongst the best 50 dogs in the world.

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